Friday, May 21, 2010

On A New Venture

Well, as you can see from past's been awhile.  Life got in the way.  It got so in the way that I stopped making time to be creative.  I think I paid for it.  Creativity is theraputic for me and I had forgotten that.  But somehow, in the last year, I rediscovered that fact.  Gradually, I started making more and more time for myself to scrap and make cards. 

As a teacher, I usually look forward to summer.  This year was no exception.  Even though I love my students and my career, it takes a lot out of me and I need to recover.  The last two or three summers, I spent a ton of time on eBay selling off supplies to earn some extra money.  However, this year I wanted to do something fun.  Off and on over ten years, I considered joining Close To My Heart.  Again, life got in the way.  Well, at a crop on National Scrapbook Day, I ran into my CTMH consultant that I hadn't seen in nearly a year and before that I hadn't seen her in probably five or more years.  She gave me a catalog that evening and I was stunned at how much their products had changed over the years.  I couldn't find a page that didn't have something on it that I wanted.  I finally decided that this was it.  I wanted something fun and this was it.  Many years ago, I used to teach scrapbooking and stamping and I had absolutely loved it.  This would enable me to do that and on my time.  If I made a little extra money, great.  If not, as long as I wasn't losing money, I was okay with that.  So here I independent Close To My Heart consultant.  Ready to have fun!

I've decided that I want to have a crop at my home for people wanting to get together to scrap and try and start a monthly scrapbook and card making club.  My home is pretty humble, but I still think it would be fun.  There's that word  That's right, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"

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