Thursday, December 23, 2010

Look at what one Level 2 kit made...

Okay...well, I did use maybe three or four additional pieces of cardstock, but considering I have more than that in B&T (pattern) paper still left...I figure I broke even. LOL  By the way, the Level 2 kit I used is CTMH's newest My Reflections Scrapbook Kit called "Wings".  Oh so pretty!  Unfortunately, it's not available to customers until January though.  Fortunately, January will be here before you know it.  There are other brand new products debuting in January, as well as some AMAZING...and I really do mean AMAZING deals in January, too!  You won't want to miss them, so be sure to check with your CTMH consultant.  If you don't have a CTMH consultant...I would be honored to be yours.

As I was saying...
The first thing I made were the first two layouts for next month's Scrap Club projects (though I may do a different layout, instead of the second layout). 

Then I made 12 cards, two each of six designs.  I made a few changes between each style, like base card color and sentiment.

I then made the Wings Home Gathering Project.  Actually, I made two of these.
I then assembled the new My Creations banner project...another January debut!  This was fun!  I've got a couple of more ideas for this great new My Creations item.  I'm going to start working on one of those ideas (maybe both ideas) tomorrow.   (You gotta love Winter Break!)
I'll be posting additional photos of the banner tomorrow, because I did make a couple of additional embellishments.  Well, later today...I'm thinking I should maybe go to bed now. LOL


  1. Beautiful job! I was busy working on this last night myself. I LOVE these papers!

  2. Holy WoW Batman! These are some awesome projects!


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