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June Scrap Club Layouts

One thing I love about being a Close To My Heart consultant...and the #1 reason I joined to begin forces me to take the time to be creative.  And when I say force, I don't mean in the way that most would think...making someone do something against their will.  Rather it forces me to "carve" out the time to create.  As women, I think we tend to carve out time for others, our kids, our spouse, friends, work, other family members, neighbors...laundry!  LOL  But we often fail to do things for ourselves.  I've finally learned that carving time out for myself actually helps me be a better person...a happier person...a more complete person. 

My closest friends know some of the difficulties I had after my son was born and as a result I accomplished very little in terms of my scrapbooks.  I only scrapbooked maybe once or twice a year at big crops...if that.  I believe I've completed more scrapbook pages in the year that I've been with CTMH than I did in nearly 10 years prior!  

This month is a great example of how being a CTMH consultant has helped me record my life's story...both good and bad, important and frivolous, happy and sad.  In terms of the world, I know I'm no one important or anyone particularly special, but to those that love me...well, they may feel differently.  With looking back at pictures of my grandmother, I long to know more about her...about her life before me.  The good things and bad.  The important events and the frivolous.  The happy and the sad.  In terms of the world...she was no one special, but to me...she was the world.  But now, she's gone and it's too late to get to know her the way I'd like.  Before she passed away, I did manage to document some of the events in her least those things she could recall, given her 90 year old memory.   

Well, now CTMH is helping me to document my life.  Not for my sake (though the creative for me), but for the sake of those that I will some day leave behind.
I want my kids to know my inner feelings about events, but sometimes I don't want to share those inner feelings with everyone who views my layouts.  Sometimes, the writing takes up more room than is available on the layout.  Sometimes, the journaling...well, simply takes away from the aesthetics of the layout.  I started implementing an idea that I read about some time ago.  I started recording my inner thoughts on the back of my layouts.  As I was doing so, I thought, what a nice surprise this will be one day when I'm gone and my kids want to know more about me.  When the page is in a scrapbook, no one can see the journaling!  I'm definitely going to be doing this more often.  

The first two layouts I want to share with you are from the Mayberry Level 1 Scrapbooking Kit.   

Where love is...

The Last Hello (You can customize the title.)

The next two layouts are from the Mayberry Level 2 Paper Pack and My Stickease Assortment.  I also embellished them a little more with smoothie ribbon and buttons from the Designer Ribbon Pink Collection and Buttons Pink Assortment, respectively.  These don't have pictures on them yet, but they will soon. :)
Life is Beautiful

Life's Little Moments


 The next two layouts are the ones we'll be making this month, using the Mayberry Workshop-on-the-Go Scrapbooking Kit.  (Click on any image to see it larger and in more detail.)
Layout #1 - Life is Good (You can customize the title.)

We'll be using Canvas Button Badges.
Layout #2: Day at the Park (You can customize the title.)

We'll be using Flip Flaps and...
...learning paper piecing.

I was able to create the 3rd and 4th layout with papers left over and just a few extra sheets of cardstock.

Here's what you need to know for June's Scrapbooking Workshop...

Class Date and Time (be sure you have your space reserved and order to me no later than Thursday, June 16th.)
  • Friday, June 24 - 6:30 am - 9:30 pm
If this time does not work for you and you would like to get a group of friends together, I would be happy to add a date to the schedule that works for you and your friends.  Just give me a call or shoot me an email to iron out the details.

If you would like the kit, but cannot attend the class, simply order the items off of my website and send me an email requesting the cutting guide and instructions to the second layouts (you'll receive the cutting guide for the first layout with the kit) and I will email them back to you. 

Remember, in order to attend you must at least purchase the paper pack.  Other consumable items (i.e., paper, ribbon and canvas buttons) are recommended, but you can choose to forego.  You also need to bring your own adhesive.  If you purchase the Basic Kit, you will save a little over 10% off retail.  After that, you are more than welcome to purchase the Better or Best Kit, pick and choose items from one or both of them, add some more items from the Idea Book, or just stop at Basic. Whatever works for you.  Here is the shopping list:

Basic Kit:
Subtotal $29.95*
Total with shipping and tax $34.27

Better Kit = Basic Kit plus the following products:

Subtotal: $60.15**
Total with shipping and tax: $68.83

Best Kit = Basic and Better Kits plus the following products:

Subtotal: $118.05****
Total with shipping and tax: $135.08

*at this purchase level, you qualify for the Stamp of the Month ($22.95 value) at 25% off ($17.21)
**at this purchase level, you qualify for the Stamp of the Month ($22.95 value) at 50% off ($11.48)
***at this purchase level, you qualify for the Stamp of the Month ($22.95 value) at 75% off ($5.74)

****at this purchase level, you qualify for the Stamp of the Month ($22.95 value) at 100% off (FREE)

Don't forget about this month's special offer.  The You & Me scrapbooking kit that was supposed to only be available for the month of May has been extended for this month.  If you purchase the kit for only $15.00 US/ $16.50 CAN (a retail value of $34.95/$38.95), a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Spring 2011 Floods and Tornadoes relief operations. Click here for details.  Available until June 30th or while quantities last.

Here's what you'll get with the You & Me Scrapbooking Kit...
1 – My Acrylix® You & Me Stamp Set (D-size)
1 – 12" × 12" Colonial White Cardstock
6 – 12" × 12" B&T Duos® Papers...3 double-sided designs (New! Cardstock-weight)
1 – 6" × 9" You & Me Irresistibles™ Chipboard Die-Cut Sheet
1 Yard – Chocolate Stripe Ribbon
1 Package – Opaques Mocha Adhesive Gems
1 – Instruction Guide
(Featured Colors: Chocolate, Crème Brulee, Olive, Smoothie)

These are the layouts given in the instructions.
Here's one of the layouts I made with my kit.
If you'd like to document your life too, just call or email me to sign up for the class and to place your supply order no later than Thursday, June 16th (321-452-6275, OR, order some of these items yourself on my website anytime.  (Kits ordered after June 16th, will require express shipping fees.)

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Great layout. I love what you wrote about journaling, you are so right. Thanks for the inspiration.


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