Sunday, June 26, 2011

So much going on....

I titled this post "So much going on...", because that's exactly what's been happening in my life.  If you'd rather not read about it, you can scroll down and check out my latest card.  I promise I won't hold it against you.  ;)

Back in December, my father-in-law's legs collapsed on him and in the process he broke both was a compound fracture.  Now my father-in-law is not a small guy and he is diabetic.  So the break was a real blow to him, as I'm sure it would be for anyone.  While he was in the Rehabilitation Center, there was a lock-down due to a strain of stomach flue going around.  So he was there for nearly two weeks without being allowed any visitors.  His emotional health took a toll then.  Soon after, after much begging to go home, they trained my mother-in-law how to care for him at home, including how to care for the PICC line he had to keep in in order to receive the intravenous antibiotics.  Being my father-in-laws full-time care giver took a real toll on her.  A couple of months later, my daughter was sick and my MIL told me to bring her over to her house so my husband and I could go to work.  A couple of days later we found out that my daughter had strep throat and a couple of days later found out that she also had the flu.  About that time, my MIL got sick with fever, nausea and not being able to keep anything down.  I took her to the walk-in clinic where she tested positive for strep throat and received antibiotics and medicine for her nausea.  Well, my MIL got a little better, then got sick again, then got a little better, then sick again.  The next time I saw her, she had lost so much weight and was looking like she had aged 10 years.  Well about two weeks ago, my in-laws received a phone call from the lab.  Her white cell count was over 35,000!  To give you an idea, 7-10,000 is normal and the son of my best friends recently had his appendix burst and his white cell count was 22,000.  She was told by the lab tech who called her first and her doctor who called her second that she needed to go to the hospital immediately.  My husband was on his way to take her to the hospital, when she collapsed and my FIL called 911.  Let me tell you, my husband was turning onto their street when an ambulance pulled out of their neighborhood.  When he got to the house, his father was crying and my husband just knew his mom had died.  Thankfully, she hadn't, but she was very critical.  They initially were worried that she had cancer.  She spent about a week in the ICU where she was finally diagnosed with C Diff (short for Clostridium difficile).  You can read about it here. While she was in the hospital though, my father-in-law was home with his father (who lives with them).  Even though his ankles have healed, he has to use a scooter or walker.  He definitely not able to cook for himself and he really needs someone around to do things for him.  My 14 year old angel...volunteered to go stay with "Grandpa" and "Tataw" and take care of them.  She called a week ago...after being there for a week, and was crying...she was so homesick.  If you're a mom, you know who hard it is to hear your baby cry.  I told her she could come home, but she said, "No...I need to stay here and take care of Grandpa.  I'll be okay, I'm just homesick."  Well, if she can't come home, I can go to her.  I packed some things and ended up going there to be with my daughter and help take care of Grandpa and Tataw.  So I was there almost a week, cooking and cleaning and running errands.  I came home Friday because I had a scrap club class (though ended up postponing it for other reasons).  That afternoon, my husband got a call from his dad asking him to pick up Grandma from the hospital...she was coming home!!!  She's still pretty weak after spending two weeks in a hospital bed and weeks of illness prior, so I returned on Saturday to cook dinner and get food ready for Sunday.  My selfless daughter said she wanted to stay a few more days to help take care of Grandma, too.  I am so proud of my daughter, I can't put it into words.  I am definitely blessed to be her mother. She's reached her end though.  LOL  She called this evening to ask if she could come home tomorrow after dinner.  She wanted to stay long enough to help with dinner and clean up the kitchen.  She's the best!  I can't wait though, to have her back home.

Anyway, I slept in late today, as I was just so exhausted, but then woke up with a headache.  Once I got a hold on my headache, I watched a movie with Liam Neeson (one of my fave actors) and then wanted to get creative.  I had hoped to get done in time to submit my card on the Mojo Monday Blog, but was literally seconds too late.  Oh well, I had fun using sketch #196 from this (past) week.  I am submitting this card, though, for two other challenges, the Bingo Challenge from Heart 2 Heart and the color combo from Play Date Cafe - PDCC87.
Supplies used (all CTMH unless otherwise noted):
Other: White Daisy Embossing Powder,  Micro-tip scissors, Sponge, 1 1/4" Circle Punch,, 3D Foam Tape, Nestabilities - Labels Eight (Spellbinders), ATG Adhesive, Score Board (Martha Stewart)
It really is a challenge to try and make a project using multiple challenges.  You would think that it would be easy, but not so much.   They are great for supplying a jumping off point, but melding all the challenges all together and ending up with something I'm crazy about...well, it doesn't always work.  Take this card...I'm not in love with this card.  I don't hate it...if I did, I wouldn't even post it. LOL

So here's how it came together...
1)  I really loved the embossing that Adrea Ewen (love her style) used on this card and wanted to incorporate it in mine.
2)  I "thought" I'd play along on Mojo Monday Challenge #196, but I missed the deadline by seconds...literally.  However, the card is based on this sketch.
 3) It's been awhile since I played along at Heart 2 Heart.  I thought the challenge there this week was quite interesting.  It's a bingo card.  The challenge was to use three of the things on the card, creating a BINGO (like a Tic-Tac-Toe).  As you can see in my card, I chose to use a doily, ribbon and gems.
4) I decided to try and use the colors at the Play Date Cafe(Challenge #87), blue and grey.  Not the colors that would immediately come to mind when using doilies. LOL
Here's some additional pictures....

The next thing I've got to work on is the upcoming Stamp of the Month Blog Hop project.  Don't forget to check it out.  It starts on the 1st of every month.  See you then and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful card!!! Fantastic embossing! Thanks for playing along with Mojo Monday and H2H!!

  2. Tamytha -

    How proud you must be of your generous and hard working daughter! She sounds like an absolute gem and those are made by good fortune and good parenting. I hope all your in-laws get back to good health!


  3. Hi Tamytha :) What a story you had to share... I'm so pleased you took a few moments out of your hectic life to papercraft... Thanks for playing along at the Play Date Cafe, and I hope things start to look up for your family real soon :)

  4. Oh my gosh Tamytha, you must be so tired of injuries and illness. I hope things get back to normal for your family soon! Your daughter sounds like a real angel for helping out like she has. I can't believe you found time to participate in craft challenges, but sometimes creating is very therapeutic isn't it? Your card is lovely, so glad you had a chance to play H2H bingo with us:) [Hugs]

  5. Such a beautiful card, Tamytha! LOVE all those gorgeous, detailed layers! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe! And thanks so much for sharing your story! What a treasure you have in that young lady!

  6. Tamytha, your card is lovely! With all that's going on in your world, I'm glad you had a few crafty minutes to yourself. I'm also glad that you & Liam Neeson watched a movie together (I cracked up reading your post - go back and reread what you wrote, because it sounds like he was sitting on the couch next to you!!) Smiles, hang in there - glad you could join us on H2H this week :o)

  7. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. My MIL is doing much better and my little girl is back home. :)

    Karen, that is waaay to funny. I wish I was sitting here with Liam Neeson. Not really...I'm married...though I'm pretty ticked at my hubby right now. LOL

    Paige, I wish I could say good parenting (though I try), but honestly, she's been such a giving child even when she was tiny. Completely on her own, she gave her last quarter to a little girl once who wanted to ride the motorized horse at the mall, instead of using it herself. She was barely four. Made both my dad and I cry.

  8. Ah I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time. I hope things start to improve for you. Love that Liam popped round to watch a movie with you ;o) Your card is lovely! Thanks for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe this week!

  9. I love Liam too (don't tell my hubby!) hope things are getting better for you. I love how you paired Bliss with all of the color. Great card! Thanks for sharing it with us at H2H!

  10. Your card is gorgeous! I hope that things have settled down. Your daughter is truly an angel! Her courage and strength will surely help her caregivers heal quickly. Thanks for playing H2H bingo!


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