Monday, July 25, 2011

Won't you join me on my journey?

A little over a year ago, I joined Close To My Heart as a form of therapy.

To make a very long story short, I suffered from depression for about five or six years before seeking help.  If you've never suffered from severe depression, be sure to thank God, because it is a dark, dark lonely place.  Something that I truly pray I never have to experience again.

At any rate, "getting better" is not like an off switch.  There's no quick fix.  It's a process, often a painfully slow one.  Each day is a little better than the last, though sometimes there's a little backward movement.  Think of recovery from depression as two steps forward, one step back.  Whereas, depression is more like one step forward, and two (maybe even three or four) steps back. 

During my darkest days, creativity was non-existent.  However, as I was improving (through help from my doctor), a dear friend invited me to a crop in Orlando in late 2009.  I enjoyed myself so much...she even commented on how she could see a change in me.  (By the way, I was really good at keeping my depression a secret.  She had no clue what I was going through and later said, she just thought I was just "angry a lot".)  Anyway, I went to another crop with her about nine months later at a scrapbook store about an hour away.  After leaving the crop, I was very aware of how much better I felt after each of the events.  I finally had to admit that being creative, particularly scrapbooking, was therapeutic and something that I needed in my life.
At Scrapper's Dream Vacation, August 2009, in Orlando, Florida.

When I was at the crop at the scrapbook store I ran into my CTMH consultant from years prior and she gave me an idea book.  It was perfect timing!  I knew that I needed to do something to insure that I took the time to be sanity was dependent on it.  LOL  I decided soon after, that I would join CTMH.
Here's the Idea Book that Sherri gave me.
In the year or so that I've been with CTMH, I have created almost 50 layouts and well over 50 cards and altered items....and that's just with CTMH products.  I've also done other layouts with other kits, too.  So has CTMH been good for me creatively?  Ummm....that would be an emphatic YES!  I have loved every minute and have only regretted one thing.  Not signing up sooner.  It's also been very beneficial for my depression.  I hesitate in ever saying I'm 100% cured, as depression can always rear it's ugly head, but I can honestly say that I feel like my old self and haven't been this content...this fulfilled...this "normal" a very long time.

I've also enjoyed making so many new friends.  (I have to tell you, that's one thing that suffers during depression...friendships.  Many friends that I had prior to my depression, have gone their own way and are no longer my friends.)  But CTMH has brought me closer to the one friend that has been by my side through it all, as well as new friends through my club.  I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend my first CTMH convention less than two weeks ago and came away feeling like I had made some really good friends and look forward to those relationships growing.
At Disneyland Hotel with my upline Sherri Tozzi and her growing team and my new friends.

Speaking of thing I've consistently been impressed with is how CTMH implements change to policy and products. They've always done so with consultants best interest in mind and Convention just confirmed that for me.  It also confirmed for me that I made the right decision to join this fantastic company.  It also motivated me to take this therapeutic side-business to the next level.

I look forward to many more years with CTMH and would love nothing more than to have others join me...whether in search of getting more of their own projects completed at a discount, to make extra money, to be their own boss, or even as their own therapy. ;)

Remember, I mentioned policy changes?  Well, now you can start your CTMH business for only $99! (It used to be $129.)  If you think you would like to start your own journey with Close To My Heart, I'd love to be part of that journey.  Feel free to email or call me at 321-452-6275 with any questions.  Of course, you can also find information and even join my CTMH team via my website.

I'd like to leave you with the closing video at this year's convention.  Won't you join me next year in Dallas?


  1. What a wonderful post, Tamytha. I have been with CTMH for almost a year now and have also found it to be very theraputic.

    I'm so glad to hear you're finding joy in the journey.


  2. Oh my gosh Tamytha, your story sounds exactly like mine! I've been with CTMH for 2 years now, and it has been the best therapy for me...even been off the meds for a year and all is still good! I think everyone needs to have a creative outlet to keep things balanced. Wish I could have been at the convention in Disneyland, it looks like it was so much fun. Take care,

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. I totally understand, CTMH has been the best therapy for me for almost 2 years now. My craft room is my escape from everything, just when I need it.....and its helped to lower my pressure, I really believe it. 2 years ago I was on 3 blood pressure bills a day, 30 milligrams, now I'm down to just 5 milligrams a day. CTMH has saved my heart literally. Best of luck at your open house. I wish I could be there to see your work first hand.

  4. All of you are oh so sweet. I truly believe depression (and stress) should not be needs to be shared. I think people who are experiencing it find comfort in those that have and are continuing to escape it. When we hide it, it implies that there is something to be ashamed of. How can we be ashamed of something that we have no control over?
    Anyway, thanks so much for your comments. It makes me feel good to know that readers could connect with my story.


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