Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cricut Withdrawals!!!

Prior to my open house last weekend, which was very successful by the way (thanks to the best customers...and the world), I created a display board that highlighted the number of shapes that just one button for our new Cricut cartridge could produce.  I posted it to the CTMH message board, as well as my upline's team share with other consultants.  In fact, here it is...

In talking with one of my newest friends (made at convention...but lives fairly close to me), she shared with me that she wanted to create a board like mine for her open house.  However, due to some circumstances out of her control, she wouldn't have the Cricut cartridge in time.  I offered to let her borrow my board for her open house and then offered to let her use the cartridge, so that she could use it to make her make-n-take project(s).  So we met and had dinner and then passed the goods.  LOL  Now, don't get me wrong.  I don't regret giving up my new toy for my friend, as we've really hit it off, and I believe she would do it for me.  However, I AM having withdrawals!  Well, if my withdrawal symptoms weren't bad enough, CTMH goes and posts a new Art Attack Video guessed it...the Cricut!

Can someone out there offer me a cure for my "bug"?  Is there a medicine for this?  Or a Recovery Center?  Ugh...well, I only have to be clean and sober until Monday.  I mean that's only five days away, right?  Five days.  F-i-v-e days.  FIVE days?!  In the words of my son..."That's such a long time!" (Unless of course, we're talking about five days until school starts..then it's "That's too soon!") LOL

(Note to my friend Tamra...I hope you know that this was all in good fun.  Enjoy the cartridge...but just know that the visitation is over come Monday.  LOL  And one more thing, be sure to have one of your awesome make and takes for me...YOU make...I take. :)  Best wishes for a hugely successful open house!)

Well, until I get my Cricut cartridge back, or until I can get a chance to post again (as I had to return to school today), enjoy the video.


  1. Tamytha, you are truly one of my great friends. I feel your pain, I luv your cricut and I can't wait until mine gets here!!!! I've made 5 projects in the past few days with it. Trust me when I say your cricut is in good hands and you can even have it back a day early. My open house is over at 3 on Sunday and before I clean up or anything, I will be ready to bring her home to you. You are an amazing friend and thank you for all your help and support. I'm so happy we met at convention, its nice to know someone who is a new as me at this is so close by and because you have such a great heart and soul.


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