Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey ladies...can you relate?

I don't usually post about things unrelated to crafting and/or Close To My Heart, but it is my blog after all.  I can post whatever I want, right?  LOL  So with that said, today I received an email to notify me of a new song/video by one of my favorite country music duos...Joey & Rory...and thought is was so cute, I just had to share.

Just a little background...I fell in love with Joey & Rory on CMT's Can You Duet? back in 2008 and have been following them ever since.  They sing traditional country.  Rory's signature?  Overalls.  Her signature?  Beauty (and a voice that can take your breathe away.)  Another beautiful thing about them...they are so in love.  Not in a sickening way, but in a way that makes you just adore them even more.

If you'd like to know more about them, check out their YouTube video of their submission video for Can You Duet? called "The Singer and the Song", as it puts their story (albeit pre-reality show) in a nutshell.

The video though, that I really wanted to share is called "Headache".  Even if you don't really like country music, you just HAVE to listen to the words.  It's too cute...totally made me laugh.  All I have to say is...I can relate.  Can you? ;)

I'm in the first week of school, so things are pretty busy.  Hopefully, though I'll be able to post sooner than later.  Until next time....


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I do like them...but hadn't seen or heard that song. Love it.

  2. Thanks for turning me on to them. They are both so cute.


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