Sunday, October 09, 2011

Gotta take a break...

...from writing my Professional Growth Plan. UGH!  For those of you unfamiliar with this, it's basically a written paper that every teacher in the state of Florida has to write.  Each county has it's own requirements, but it's all tied to the "Race to the Top" funding and the dirtiest word of all time...POLITICS!  Okay...don't get me started.  At any rate, it's due tomorrow and I've been working on it off and on for days now.  Though truth be told, more off than on.  If I hate doing something, I put if off until the last possible minute, so the pressure of an approaching deadline gets me going.  Not the best method...but I am what I am. :)

I've been so preoccupied with this and other work related priorities, I've already fallen behind on my Blogtoberfest goals.  How long did I last?  A week?  That's just about how long new diets last, too. LOL 
I don't have anything I've created ready to post, so I thought I'd take a few moments to tell you to check out Jeanette Lynton's Blog.  This month she is highlighting a Cricut Shape-a-Day and let me tell you...her artwork is stunning.   For example, her layout from yesterday...
Gorgeous, right? I just love the 3D flowers and I LOVE the splattered ink!

Check out this adorable 3D item!

If you would like your own Cricut Art Philosophy to make your own creations, or just lift Jeanette's (wink), you can get yours here or enter to win a free one (details here).

In the meantime, if you would like to see Jeanette's other creations, like scrapbook pages, cards, 3D items, tags and more, click here

Hopefully I'll be back on Tuesday with another tutorial.  Until next time...

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