Saturday, February 04, 2012

There's "Cream in our Coffee"!!!!

Just wanted to pop on to share some exciting news! I've been getting ready all day for my open house (mostly cleaning...about the only time the house gets a thorough and needed to take a break, so I sat down at the computer to piddle around for a few minutes. I thought I'd go over and check out some challenges, when lo and behold I see that I was selected as "The Cream in our Coffee..." It's an honorable mention, but considering there were 71 entries...I'm so super excited!!

I now get to add this badge to my blog....
Cream in our Coffee at The Play Date Cafe

And here was the card that I entered...

Now back to my cleaning and prepping...before the computer takes up too much time.


  1. Congratulations Tamytha :) YOU R AMAZING.....

  2. OMG! I LOVE this card! I was soooo not inspired by this SOTM set but will just have to try this card now, thanks for the inspiration, Tamytha!

  3. Such a CAS card with elegant colors. Amazing!

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