Thursday, July 19, 2012

CTMH Convention Album Contest

On Tuesday, July 3rd, I sat in my craft room with nothing to do.  Yeah, I know.  That never happens. But I was done with my convention swap cards, club layouts, etc. and couldn't really start on anything else, since I knew in a week I would be looking to get my hands on brand new Close To My Heart products.  So I thought to myself, "Why don't you try and enter pages into the album contest?"  Now keep in mind, we had been given the album contest guidelines...I don't know...two, three months prior?  I kept hemming and hawing about entering, but between fear, lack of inspiration and other obligations, I just kept putting it off.

After deciding how I would interpret the theme, I finally decided to give it a shot.  I figured the worse thing that could happen is that I wouldn't finish them in time, but I would have some wonderful pages about me (since I don't really do those kind of pages).

Come Monday night (technically Tuesday morning...the morning to fly to Dallas), I was shy one layout.  So close, but so far.  I ended up taking the necessary supplies to finish the layout, with hopes of having time to complete it in my hotel room, in order to have it ready for the Wednesday entry deadline.  Thanks to my friends and roomies, Tamra Pope and Deyonne Eckles, I stayed up reeeaaaalllly late on Tuesday and finished it (thank heavens they are heavy sleepers).  I did have one rather big boo-boo as I applied my very last embellishment, but I'll share that with you later.

The theme for this year's album contest was "Shoot for the Stars".  Some of the suggested layout ideas included things like, "Stars All Around: Patriotic Layout"...don't have any; "Starry Starry Night: Nighttime photos"...don't have any; Star Light Star Bright: Special Occasion or Event like award ceremony, graduation, prom...don't have any or at least any that I want to share with the world. ;) But there were a couple ideas that sparked an idea.  They were "A Star in My Life: larger than life person who inspired you" and "Star Student: Educational Achievement".  I started thinking about how those people that I consider "stars" in my life, helped form the person that I have become.  And how I am now a "star" in the lives of many of my students and how that it has kind of come around full circle.  I tried to express that in my journaling, especially in the opening layout (though they weren't put in the proper order when displayed).

I'm just going to post the first of the five layouts today and over the next week, I'll post the rest of the layouts with a bit of information about all the little details and some of the journaling.

I sprayed the black cardstock with white daisy pigment ink to give the illusion of a  starry night sky.  I also popped the photo so that I could tuck some of the stars behind it.
Lots and lots of stars. Some are from a retired stamp set called Shining Star, while others are from the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.  I embossed about half of the stars and popped them with foam tape.
I sponged coordinating inks (smoothie, creme brulee, pacifica and desert sand) onto the Notable Dimensional Elements, added a few bitty sparkles and used foam tape to pop a couple of the letters.
I stamped the background of the journaling with the Love Life stamp set.  And just so you know, I'm not able to make my journaling so straight because I'm so amazingly talented.  LOL  I used a pencil to lightly draw in the lines.  After first writing out the journaling on a piece of notebook paper, I lightly wrote it in with pencil to be sure I would have enough space.  After doing that, I wrote over the journaling with ink and then erased all the pencil lines.  The little colored slips came out of necessity, when I was almost done and messed up one word!  Happy accident, though, because I really like how it turned out.  By the way, all those strips are colonial white cardstock that have been sponged with ink, not colored cardstock.  That way I could control the intensity of the color.

The journaling reads...
* People often say that a star is "born", but I would argue that a star is MADE.  Stars don't just form out of nothing, but rather from the remains of stars past.  A star forms only if conditions are just right. Even then the conditions are harsh, but out of turmoil, rises beauty, strength, and warmth.  Despite the immeasurable number of stars each one is unique.  Some burn brighter.  Some are bigger.  But they are no more important than the smaller, dimmer stars.  Eventually a star dies, but in a way it lives on, in the form of star dust, providing the materials for the next generation of stars.
*In today's world, we glorify celebrities and call them stars, but I believe that the true stars are closer to home than that.  Our past generations provide us with life and through our upbringing provide us with an environment that allows us to shine.  Sometimes the conditions can be difficult, but out of that difficulty, we become stronger and brighter.  Sometimes the stars in our lives are very obvious having energy that draws others to them.  But more often than not, the stars in our lives are smaller, less luminous.  However, their contributions to our lives are no less important.  After all the sun isn't the biggest or brightest, but it gives us life.  Eventually those stars like the heavenly ones, burn out and fade away, but they are never really gone.  All of the knowledge, understanding and love lives on in the next generation.
*I look at this picture and think of how all the stars in my life have helped contribute to the star I have become.  It's odd at first to express that as it sounds rather pompous.  However, I imagine that my grandparents wouldn't have considered themselves stars, but they were to me.  I also know that I was a star in their life, as my children are in mine.  I'm a star in the eyes of my children, as well as the hundreds of students I have taught.  However, I would not be able to be that star if it had not been for all the other stars that made me who I am grandparents, my husband and kids, and my spiritual father and mother, Jim and Joanne Wehrle who brought me the news of the creator of all stars, Jehovah God.

I'll be back tomorrow with my second layout.

Until then...


  1. What a great layout! I look forward to seeing the rest of your album. I love your journalling. I am always afraid to journal by hand in case I make a mistake , but it adds such a personal touch. Thanks for posting this! Congratulations!

  2. Again, as I said before, what an amazing layout Tamytha.
    Thanks for share your techniques with us. I'm so proud of you...and yes thank goodness I'm a sound sleeper, I only wish I had the energy to stay up with you while your completed your last page.


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