Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's that time of year again...

As I've mentioned previously, I'll be heading to Texas next week for Close To My Heart's Annual Convention.  I'll be arriving on Tuesday, even though the General Session doesn't start until Thursday.  One of the most anticipated events on Thursday will be the release of the new Fall/Winter 2012 Idea Book.  At lunch, you will see women sitting anywhere and everywhere, Oooo-ing and Aaaah-ing over all of the new products and new art ideas...and maybe eating. :)  

With the incoming of new product is the retiring of some older products. Without exception, there is always some things that go that make me a little sad.  Maybe you can relate.  But all I have to do to feel better is think about all the new things I want. :)

Well, just like last January, I've put together a slide show that shows all of the retired this point.  Close To My Heart has already informed consultants that the following items will retiring.  However, these are not the only items retiring.  I won't know until the release of the new Idea Book what else is being retired, but the bulk will likely be accessories and stamps.  Once I get the list compiled, I will post it here and add it to the slide show.  

This delay may be a good thing, as it will give you a little time to stock up on some of these first wave of items, a week or two before the next wave.  Remember, that this month, when you purchase $75 (regular price items), you will get a "Perfect Pair" for FREE!  Even though these items are being retired, they are not discounted, so they DO qualify towards the $75 requirement. You can read more out about that here.

Item #    Description
Z2300     Marker Amethyst    
Z2301     Marker Autumn Terracotta 
Z2302     Marker Baby Pink   
Z2303     Marker Bamboo      
Z2304     Marker Barn Red    
Z2305     Marker Black          
Z2306     Marker Blush          
Z2308     Marker Brown Bag 
Z2310     Marker Buttercup    
Z2311     Marker Chocolate   
Z2314     Marker Cocoa         
Z2315     Marker Colonial White        
Z2316     Marker Cranberry   
Z2317     Marker Crystal Blue
Z2318     Marker Desert Sand           
Z2319     Marker Dutch Blue 
Z2320     Marker Garden Green        
Z2321     Marker Garnet        
Z2323     Marker Goldrush     
Z2324     Marker Grey Flannel          
Z2325     Marker Grey Wool  
Z2326     Marker Heavenly Blue        
Z2327     Marker Holiday Red           
Z2328     Marker Hollyhock   
Z2330     Marker Indian Corn Blue    
Z2331     Marker Key Lime    
Z2333     Marker Lilac Mist    
Z2334     Marker Moonstruck
Z2335     Marker New England Ivy    
Z2337     Marker Olive           
Z2340     Marker Outdoor Denim      
Z2341     Marker Pansy Purple          
Z2342     Marker Parchment 
Z2345     Marker Ponderosa Pine      
Z2347     Marker Smokey Plum        
Z2348     Marker Spring Iris   
Z2350     Marker Sunflower   
Z2351     Marker Sunkiss Yellow       
Z2352     Marker Sunny Yellow         
Z2353     Marker Sweet Leaf           
Z2354     Marker Taffy           
Z2355     Marker Topiary       
Z2356     Marker Vanilla Cream        
Z2357     Marker Vineyard Berry       
Z2359     Marker White Daisy
Z2360     Marker Twilight       
Z2361     Marker Petal           
Z2362     Marker Honey         
Z2364     Marker Sorbet         
Z2365     Marker Juniper       
Z2366     Marker Tulip
Z2367     Marker Crème Brulee         
Z2390     Marker Gypsy         
Z2391     Marker Sunset        
Z2392     Marker Pacifica      
Z2393     Marker Cotton Candy         
Z2394     Marker Sky 
Z2395     Marker Lagoon       
Z2396     Marker Smoothie    
Z2397     Marker Pear
X5902     Bright Blue Cardstock Shade Pack
X5903     Light Blue Cardstock Shade Pack 
X5904     Dark Blue Cardstock Shade Pack 
X5905     Bright Green Cardstock Shade Pack         
X5906     Dark Green Cardstock Shade Pack          
X5907     Light Green Cardstock Shade Pack          
X5908     Bright Red and Pink Cardstock Shade Pack         
X5909     Light Red and Pink Cardstock Shade Pack           
X5910     Dark Red and Pink Cardstock Shade Pack          
X5911     Black and Grey Cardstock Shade Pack    
X5912     Dark Neutral Cardstock Shade Pack         
X5913     Light Neutral Cardstock Shade Pack         
X5914     Light Yellow and Orange Cardstock Shade Pack  
X5915     Dark Yellow and Orange Cardstock Shade Pack 
X5916     Purple Cardstock Shade Pack       
9030       Imagine™   
9034       Magic™ Scrapbook Program        
G1032    Workshops on the Go™ Stella Kit 
G1033    Workshops on the Go™ Pemberley Kit    
X7149B  Lucy Paper Packet 
X7149C  Lucy Complements Glittery Rub-Ons        
G1034    Workshops on the Go™ Lucy Kit   
G1035    Workshops on the Go™ Victory Kit           
X7151B  Footloose Paper Packet     
X7151C  Footloose Complements Dimensional Elements   
G1036    Workshops on the Go™ Footloose Kit       
X7152B  Superhero Paper Packet    
X7152C  Superhero Complements Rub-Ons
G1037    Workshops on the Go™ Superhero Kit      
G1038    Workshops on the Go™ Florentine Kit       
X7154B  Cruisin’ Paper Packet         
X7154C  Cruisin’ Complements Silver Foil Images  
G1039    Workshops on the Go™ Cruisin’ Kit           
X7139B  Typeset Paper Packet        
X7139C  Typeset Complements Canvas Shapes     
X7140B  Roxie Paper Packet           
X7140C  Roxie My Stickease Assortment    
X7141B  Elemental Paper Packet     
X7141C  Elemental Complements Dimensional Elements   
X7143B  Sonoma Paper Packet       
X7143C  Sonoma My Stickease Assortment

Until next time....

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  1. Thanks so much for this info! I can't wait to see what Convention and the new Idea Book brings!


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