Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another look...

One of the wonderful things about being a Close To My Heart consultant is the opportunity to get to meet other people (virtually or IRL) who love paper crafting.  An even better thing is getting to make real friends with some of them.  One such person, I met the summer before last at CTMH's annual convention. That particular summer the Convention was held in Anaheim, California.  There I met a crazy-talented and funny lady named Tamra Pope.  Come to find out, she only lived 20 minutes from me!  Who knew?!  She's become one of my best friends ever since.

Around this time last year, Tamra asked me to join a swap group that she was starting up, and I agreed to participate for the first year, requiring one swap every three months.  What amazing work I've received over the past year!  You think that would make me happy...and don't misunderstand did, but the process would make me very anxious.  Knowing that the people who would be receiving my card were ubber talented caused me to worry whether or not it would be up to their standards.  I know...probably an unnecessary emotion, but nonetheless, that's how my twisted mind works.  On the other hand, the worry drove me to try and go above-and-beyond, so that I could live with myself once they were in the mail...and out of my control.  Of course, the challenging guidelines that Tamra came up didn't help the anxiety.  The project guidelines were different each time, but they were always a challenge.  However, I think this last one was probably the most difficult.  Here's what those guidelines looked like....

  1. Must be at least 8 layers.
  2. Must use a winter themed stamped image (i.e., tree, bird, snowflake, snowman, etc.)
  3. Must use at least two coordinating winter-themed Cricut images.
  4. Must NOT have any holiday sentiments at all.  Create the card with a general theme, using winter images.
  5. Do NOT use red, green or blue.
  6. Must use at least one background stamp set or make your own background with multiple stamp sets.
  7. Must have at least two embellishments.

Pretty tricky, huh?  If you want to see the rest of the cards, check out Tamra's post here.

Taking a look back over the last four swaps, here are my contributions.


You may recall this final card from this post. The cards that I mailed did not have the sentiment.  I left that blank so that the recipient could customize the card as they desired.  However, I added the sentiment before submitting this to the H2H challenge blog for my DT project and the Frosted Designs: Card Sketch.  Speaking of Frosted Designs, I received an email yesterday that my card was selected as their winner for the week!  Totally exciting!

Finally, before I sign off, yesterday I saw a YouTube video that was essentially just pictures of a mini-album and music.  I thought it was pretty cool and took to figuring out how it was done.  Here's my first attempt at something similar.  I hope you'll tell me what you think.
Until next time...


  1. This was really pretty.. the card to music! I loved the song and such a pretty card... love the closeups... just a neat effect overall!

  2. Oh my wacky friend....It was truly a pleasure having you in the swap group. Your cards were always over the top and worth the wait, lol.

    1. I'm wacky? You've read your challenges, right? LOL I wish I could still be part of your swap, and maybe if I get out of teaching, I can. It drove me mad always running waaaaaayyyy behind. It wasn't fair to everyone else. Thanks for the experience though. I learned a lot about myself. ;)


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