Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday...Creative Lettering

If you are fairly new to the world of scrapbooking, it may be hard to imagine that there was a time that when you needed a title there was no such thing as a Cricut, or Silhouette, or Slice and not everyone had a computer in their home, much less a printer.

Sticker letters were limited...lots of colors, but little style.  Of course, you could go to the scrapbook store and purchase individual letter die cuts, but there always seemed to be that one letter they didn't have, or they had it, but it was in the wrong color. Sure some stores allowed you to cut the die, if they had the die and if you purchased the whole sheet of paper and very often if you purchased their die cut club membership.  

There were punches you could buy. When EK Success came out with the large letter punches, I so wanted to buy them all, but I think they were something like $10 each.  By the way, let me clarify the word "large". I measured one of the two that I have (yes...two...sad, I know...not even enough to spell my daughter's name...HANNAH...LOL) and they...uppercase...measure 13/16"!  "Large" is relative for sure.  Of course, I could have purchased the set by Family Treasures...but they were well over $100 and if I remember correctly closer to $150.  Those were even smaller and the most basic font possible.  

I remember when companies like EK Success, Cock-a-Doodle Designs, and My Mind's Eye came out with printed titles. Can you hear the angels singing? :) At the time, they were heaven sent.  I think I purchased all of them. Didn't use all of them...let's make that clear, but I don't think I have ever used ALL of any scrapbook-related products that I've purchase. ;) 

It's no surprise though that many scrapbooker's turned to creative lettering.  I remember purchasing every creative lettering book that Lindsay Ostrom authored.  I even have a pen tote that I paid to have her decorate at an Expo...when Expos used to be massive...those were the days. I don't use the pens anymore, but my pen tote is still displayed in my craft room.  :)

Every now and then, when I look through some of my first albums and see all the creative lettering, I miss it.  I have on occasion pulled out my pens and doodled on my pages, like the ones I shared on this July 2011 post, but I haven't really done titles in years and years. After looking for the picture that was the subject of last week's Throwback Thursday, I was reminded about all of those hand-drawn titles and thought it would be fun to share some little peaks of them with you this week.

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.

Until next time...

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