Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial

I'm realizing just how noisy it is around here ALL. THE. TIME.  It's really starting to get to me, I think.   One of the things I loved about being off in the summer was all the quiet time in the house. Even with the kids being home, they often would play outside, hang in their room or go to grandma's, so I could do whatever I wanted (or needed) to do, like craft, clean, decorate, or just hear myself think.  I don't consider myself a loner, but I do like alone time. I also don't like people up under me when I'm trying to work.  For example, if I'm cleaning the kitchen...I mean really cleaning..."get out of the kitchen".  Well, my hubby has been out of work for a few years, so now he's home 24/7 and although I love him, I never seem to get alone time anymore unless I leave the house.

Like I said, it's probably always noisy around here, but the last few days I've just really been hyperfocused on it, because I wanted to create a video and made numerous attempts. I first made numerous attempts to record the video as I demonstrated and explained the project/technique. I finally gave up and decided that I would just record it, mute out the background noise and then dub the narration over the video.  Well, between my noisy clan and Movie Maker changing the location of the narration, not keeping up, etc., I finally just gave up.

Today was the day I had planned on sharing a video tutorial.  Hence, Tutorial TUESDAY.  As I shared with you a week or so ago, my goal is to be a better blogger and my calendar says that today is a tutorial and darn it! I'm going to post a tutorial.  It may not be posted as early on Tuesday as I had originally planned, but it's still technically Tuesday.  So earlier today, I recruited my son to help me take some photos and rather than show the making of the card from beginning to end, I'm just focusing on the technique that I used for a couple of the butterflies on the card I shared the other day on THIS post.  

The technique is called Kissing and no, not that kind of kissing. ;) (Trust me. You wouldn't want me teaching that...LOL)  Anywho...this is one of those techniques that no doubtly came out of someone just playing with their stamps.  It's so much fun and such a great way to add a little texture to an otherwise solid plain stamp.  

"Kiss" the solid, inked stamp to an uninked stamp.  In this case, I inked the solid butterfly stamp from the "Your Own Kind of Wonderful" stamp set (available 8/1/14) in Sorbet ink and kissed it to the scroll butterfly from the same set.  Some of the ink gets removed and leaves a pattern on the inked stamp.

This is essentially the same technique as the previous one, but just reversed.  I inked the scroll buttefly and kissed it with the solid butterfly.  The ink transfers the pattern on to the uninked stamp. This is where you can really switch it up with different patterns as shown next.

As you can see here, I kissed the uninked, solid butterfly to a floral background stamp and a chevron background stamp, both from the "In the Background" stamp set. The third example was created using the linen background from the "Distressed Backgrounds" stamp set. 

In this example, I inked the solid butterfly with Sorbet and then kissed it with the scroll butterfly that was inked with Desert Sand. A great way to incorporate a couple of colors on a stamp without getting ink from one ink pad onto another.

Here's another way to get two colors onto an image.  I inked the solid butterfly in Sorbet and then stamped the solid image onto my cardstock.  Next, I cleaned off the stamp and then kissed it to the floral background stamp that I inked in Desert Sand.  Because Desert Sand isn't very dark, the effect is very subtle.  However, you certainly could get a more noticable effect by using a darker ink on the patterned stamp.

This is really the same as the technique above, except this time, I used second generation stamp on the solid butterfly (ink, stamp and stamp again).  Then I kissed the clean, solid butterfly stamp onto the inked floral background stamp and then stamped that over the first image.
Here is a close up of the butterfly on my card in which I used the "Kissing" technique.

Hope you enjoyed my throw-together tutorial. I may have to consider getting up at 3 a.m. to create a the next tutorial. Heehee.

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Until next time....

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  1. I can SO relate to the noise thing! I'm exactly the same way. :)
    I hadn't thought of all those options for kissing. Nice job!


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