Sunday, July 13, 2014

Valuable Lesson at Convention

For those of you that didn't know, last month, I attended the annual Close To My Heart Convention. This year it was at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.  I really had a great time, but one of the highlights of the event came when I attended a business class presented by a wonderful consultant named Karen Pedersen.  One of the many valuable things she discussed was building a stronger blog and I felt like she was talking to me. She discussed how often she posts to her blog and the type of things she posts, among other blogging tips.

Working full-time as a middle school teacher really creates some time challenges for pretty much anything else, not to mention being a wife and mother to two teenagers.  It also doesn't help that I think I have adult ADD, though my best friend would probably tell you that I just spread myself to thin.  Anyhoo, I intend to make time for creating and blogging and I REALLY mean to do it, but then I get distracted with even the smallest of things and before I know it, a month has gone by and I haven't posted anything on my blog. I frustrate myself because whatever following I build up all but disappears when I don't post, then it takes a lot of time to build it up again. Therefore, while I was listening to Karen, I decided to get a calendar and actually write down what days I would blog and the topic. Since I'm more of a visual person, I think it will also help me remember classes, blog hops, ordering deadlines, etc. (I don't know why I can keep all of this info in my head.)  

My intentions are good, and I am hopeful that my blogging presence will improve, but only time will tell. It's real easy to have lofty goals when it's summer break, but the real test will be after August 11th when school tries to take over my life for the 11th year. 

Before I go, I'd like to leave you with my first Flipagram video.  It showcases just some of the pictures I took while I was at the CTMH Convention last month, as well as my road trip with Tamra Pope to Salt Lake City. :) 
Until next time...


  1. I, too, have been a very busy girl with zero time to blog. After I spent 2 weeks cleaning and re-organizing my craft room, I spent most of the weekend stacking firewood, pulling weeds for 6 hours in my flower bed (those things were mammoth), and then learning how to operate a weed whip. After somewhat mastering that, my arms turned to jelly and I've only finished 1 layout this weekend. Winter is much easier with less work hours for me, and haha, zero weeding! :) Thanks for the tip! It's wonderful advice. I like the idea of writing it on my calendar. Good luck, my crafty friend!

  2. I was there too! You got some great photos. Good luck with your blogging goals.


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