Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Celebrate National Papercrafting Month!

Several things come to mind when I think of January. One, it's the end of the holiday craziness. Two, its' the end of my break from winter break (sadness) and three, it's he halfway point of the school year (come on summer). However, January is also National Papercrafting Month. Many...even most...have no idea, but if you're a scrapbooker, stamper, cardmaker, art journalist or any kind of paper are most likely aware. Close To My Heart is aware and they've offered a truly incredible kit to celebrate the occasion.  The kit is called "Welcome Home" and includes all the supplies needed to create the a beautiful floral wreath that you can customize and hang on your front door, in your craftroom or any other location in your home. I've customized mine to hang in my craftroom and to display at crops and vendor events.
Isn't this just gorgeous?! Now, as usual, I have a hard time not inking and shaping and doing extras, and this project was no different. I used tools I had on hand, like my bone folder, an embossing stylus, a quilling and piercing tool to help shape most of the flowers. I sponged white, thistle, pomegranate, pink, peacock and topiary inks on the flowers and most of the leaves to provide more depth.

Here you can see how I used white ink on the edges of the bottom succulent leaves and pomegranate on the edges of the outside leaves on the large succulent and on all leaves of the smallest one (at top of photo). I used my piercing tool to create the creases in the leaves, too. I used the gold foil center for the large flower, but pulled out some gold glitter gems from my "Hello Lovely" workshop-your-way for the bottom succulent (I gotta have a  little bling bling).
The kit shows all of the flowers fairly flat and not inked and it is still beautiful. Of course, I have a hard time taking the easy route. I'm not gonna lie, all of the inking and shaping took a lot of time, but I think it was so worth it.
I used Thistle ink on the outer most leaves of the succulent on the left and Pixie on the roses. They are different colors, because I "thought" the sponge I used was clean...I even tested it on a piece of white paper, but I guess when I inked it up in Pixie it reactivated the ink on the sponge an make the pink look more purple. Thank goodness the old ink was a coordinating color.  You'll also notice that I didn't ink the outer petals, because I noticed that any color on white roses tends to be at the center of the flower and the pure white is on the outer petals. Yes...I looked up pictures of both roses and succulents to try and create more realistic shapes and colors.
Here's what the kit includes....

  • Die cuts to make 12 flowers
  • 27 leaf die cuts
  • 1 banner
  • 1 wood grain circle die
  • 1 heavy chipboard wreath ring
  • 2 sheets of gold foil letters and dots (for flower centers)
  • Full-color instruction page
You only have to supply the adhesive (I used liquid glass) to create the wreath and if you want...inks and shaping tools.

Now you may wonder, "How do I get one for myself?!"  Well, let me tell you. ;) 

There are actually four ways.
  1. Buy it for $18.95 -- no qualifying purchase required.
  2. Get it for free with a qualifying $60 purchase!
  3. Get it for free by hosting a party that reaches the second level of Hostess Rewards.
  4. Get it for free when you sign up to be a consultant.
You can complete number 1 or 2 by simply going to my website or message me if you want to get it by hosting your own party or by joining my team.

Happy Papercrafting Month!

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