What kind of monthly workshops do you offer?
  • I offer several types.  Currently, I offer a scrapbooking class, a monthly card class, a yearly Crazy for Cards class, a Semi-Annual Open House and various other specialty classes throughout the year.  
Can you tell me a little about what the workshops are like?
  • All workshops are held in my home.  However, it is possible to hold a workshop in your home.  Just contact me for details.
  • In the Scrapbooking Workshops, you will make two 2-page 12" x 12" layouts using kits. Each month is based around a particular line of CTMH paper.
    • Just the Basics (waiting list only; kits available online) - This workshop is for the scrapper that wants to keep their scrapbooking fairly quick and simple. The layouts will include stickers or dimensionals, sometimes Cricut cuts, and an embellishment or two, but they will not include any stamping (and inking is optional).  Paper is pre-cut, and you won't have a lot of extra supplies left over.
    • Beyond the Basics - This workshop is for the scrapper that wants to take their scrapbooking to the next creative level or for the scrapper that wants to do layouts that they probably wouldn't take the time to do on their own. These layouts are made using the CTMH Workshop-on-the-Go kits and will always include stamping and will use a variety of techniques, like distressing, inking, embossing and more. You will cut your own paper (don't worry, I'm here to help you), but you will have enough supplies left over for extra projects.
  • In my Card's Etc. Workshop, you will make 2-4 stamping projects. Mostly cards, but occasionally a 3D or altered item. Generally speaking, the projects use the same line of CTMH paper as used in the monthly scrapbooking class, but not always. Everything is pre-cut and packaged for you.
What is the cost to me and what do I get for my money?
  • Just the Basics is $25 and includes just enough materials to complete two double-page layouts.
    • 4 cardstock or pattern paper bases
    • Pre-cut cardstock and pattern paper
    • Accessories
    • Instructions with cutting guide.
    • Private link to additional, detailed photos.
  • Beyond the Basics - There are three kit options.
    • Kit #1 is $29.95 (plus ship. & tax) and provides enough materials for you to create 2 double-page layouts. With a $40+ retail value, this is the absolute best value. This kit includes...
      • 6 sheets of Background & Texture Paper (2 ea. of 3 double-sided designs)
      • 10 sheets of coordinating cardstock.
      • Exclusive MyAcrylix D-Size Stamp Set
      • 2 Accessories collections
      • Full-color cutting guide for two CTMH layouts.
    • Kit #2 is (for local workshops only) usually around $21-$23 (plus ship & tax), creates two 2-page layouts and includes...
      • 6 sheets of Background & Texture Paper (2 ea. of 3 double-sided designs)
      • 10 sheets of coordinating cardstock.
      • 2 Accessory collections
      • Full-color cutting guide to borrow/share during the workshop.
      • paper and embellishments only (without the stamp set) you instructions and materials for 2 two-page layouts. - Price varies, but usually around $21-$23 (plus ship & tax).
  • Cards, Etc. - There are two options.
    • Option #1  - $10.  Price covers the cost of materials. You receive just enough materials to make the projects.  Great for the person who just wants some cards in their stash to keep or give away.
    • Option #2 - $20. With this option, you receive a $20 credit toward the purchase of CTMH products.  Essentially giving you the cards for free.  This is a great option for those who like to add to their crafting hoard supplies.
  • Crazy for Cards - Every year, usually in the spring, I offer this special class for $25 in which you make 5 each of 5 designs for a total of 25 cards.
  • Open House - Twice a year, usually January and July, I open my home to celebrate the release of a new idea book.  It's absolutely free and includes a wealth of prizes, projects, food, product and more.
Do I need to bring anything?
  • I always post with class descriptions what you need to bring, because it can vary depending on the project.  However, I do my best to provide all of the tools (except adhesives), like ink pads, blocks, scissors, piercing tools, sanding blocks, etc.
  • Typically you only need to bring adhesives.  I recommend a tape runner, glue pen and foam tape.  If you need recommendations on the brands and what types to get, I would more than happy to help you with that.  
  • It is recommended that those attending the Beyond the Basics scrapbooking workshop also bring a paper trimmer and scissors.  I have several of each, but bringing your own helps you to avoid the possibility of waiting/sharing on mine.
Are there any other costs?
  • The only additional costs are shipping and sales tax for the kits in the Beyond the Basics workshop, because you are purchasing full-sized packages of products, not pre-cut pieces.
    • Shipping
      • 7.95% or $7.95 shipping if order is placed through me
      • 4.95% or $4.95 if you place order the supplies yourself through my online business address and you use SmartPost to have it shipped directly to you. (Note: SmartPost has a longer shipping time.)
    • Sales Tax
      • 6% sales tax (in Florida, shipping is taxed.)
      • Sales tax and shipping are already calculated into the price of all the other classes, due to the fact that everything is pre-cut.
Why is there shipping for the supplies in the Beyond Basics Scrapbooking class and not the others?
  • I have to pay shipping and tax on everything I order from Close To My Heart.  When I personally create (pre-cut) the kits, I calculate the actual cost of materials, including the shipping and tax to determine the final fee. The kits in the Beyond Basics Scrapbooking class are full collections, not pre-cut/pre-packaged.  In other words, every class is paying shipping and tax.
How long are the workshops?
  • "Just the Basics" Scrapbooking Workshop is designed to be completed in about 2 hours and can always be completed at home, should you arrive late.
  • "Beyond the Basics" Scrapbooking Workshop takes considerably longer due to it's level of difficulty (hence, Beyond the Basics).  On a good night, we are done in 3 hours. On a slower night (often due to socializing), it may take up to 4 hours. If you are worried about it taking too long, there are ways around that.  
    1. Some participants choose to cut their papers prior to the class to speed up the process.
    2. Some participants choose to do all their cutting and stamping first, so that if they run short on time, they can take everything home and assemble at another time.
  • Because everything is pre-cut and the projects are smaller, the Cards, Etc. Workshops are usually finished in 2 hours or less.
  • The Crazy for Cards class is a long one.  In the past it has run 3-4 hours and as long as 6.  To get around that, some participants just make one of each of the five cards and stamp any images that they need.  This way they can go home and put the rest of them together at a later time.
Can I bring a friend?
  • Since crafting is always more fun with a friend, bringing a friend is fine.  However, if you would like for a friend to accompany you, just be sure to check with me first to ensure that there are enough seats, as regular monthly participants have priority.  If room can be made for your guest, I absolutely will.
  • If your friend becomes a regular participant, you may select two of any M-size stamps, one of any A- size stamp set, or one of any dye ink pad as a gift from me.
  • If you have 4-5 friends that are willing to commit to a monthly order of $25 or $29.95, they can have their own monthly "Just the Basics" or "Beyond the Basics" workshop, respectively.  This can be hosted in my home or in your own home (or a friend's).
What if I don’t live near you, but want the kit to complete your projects?
  • For Beyond the Basics Kit #1 & #3 simply go to my shopping website to order the supplies.  Of course, I am more than happy to place the order for you, if you prefer.
  • For all other kits, due to pre-cut pieces and partial packs, contact me via email to place your order by the RSVP deadline.  An additional $5 will be added to your total to pay for shipping.
Is there a time commitment?
  • At this time, there is not a time commitment.  However, I reward my customers for continual participation.  You can find more details about that here (link to come).
Can you tell me more about the hostess rewards?
  • Because there are no time commitments involved right now, there are not any hostess rewards given each month.  HOWEVER, I do offer rewards for frequent shoppers and consistent kit buyers.  You can learn more about those benefits here (link to come).
  • If you start a workshop with your own friends, you only need to have $150 in sales to receive $25 in select product credit. Then you and your friends can commit to a specific time period and rotate the hostess from month to month.  For example, if you have 5 participants (including yourself) commit to $30 each month your total would be $150 and you would earn hostess rewards.  If all of you commited for 5 months, each participant could take turns being the hostess.  You could also commit to 6 months and have a mystery hostess the last month...or just have 6 partipants.  The greater the sales, the greater the rewards.  For example, $250 in sales earns the hostess $40 in free product and a half-price item (great way to get either one of the Cricut Collections)!
  • Each member could also obtain additional sales prior to the workshop by hosting a gathering (not a "workshop") at their home prior to the workshop or by obtaining sales showing the Idea Book and/or utilizing the EZ Invite program (online orders) that CTMH offers.
What experience do you have? 
  • I began scrapbooking almost 19 years ago.  Stamping almost 18 years ago.
  • I taught stamping and scrapbooking for nearly two years at a local rubber stamp store called “Stamp Cabana”, as well as being a sales clerk.
  • I also worked as a sales associate and scrapbooking teacher at a local scrapbooking store called “Scrapbook Cottage”.
  • I’ve had artwork published in magazines and online.
  • I’m an active participant in scrapbooking boards, sites, training, blogs, etc.
  • I am Ph.D. certified by Close To My Heart indicating the completion of a rigorous online training program in the areas of business, creative, personal development, and leadership.
  • My album finished in the top 10 at the 2012 CTMH Convention.
When and where are workshops held?
  • The "Beyond the Basics" class is held on the second Friday of each month.
  • The Cards, Etc. workshop is held the following Monday evening (which ends up being sometimes the 2nd Monday of the month, and sometimes the 3rd).
  • The schedule is subject to change, due to personal conflicts or holidays.
  • If the number of workshop attendees increases, additional times will be added.
  • If fewer than two people RSVP/confirm attendance to any workshop, the workshop will be either postponed or cancelled.  If it is cancelled, AND you were the only one who was confirmed, I will refund any fees.
  • Workshops are held at my home.  Please call me for directions.
How and when do I need to RSVP?
  • I always include RSVP dates in the class descriptions.  
  • Please respect these dates, as it is vitally important that I have time to order, receive, and precut any necessary supplies in time for the workshops. This is especially true when school is in session, as I am a full-time teacher.
  • You can RSVP several ways.
    • Please RSVP by email or call me with your supply order (email only if I have your credit card # on file, call if I don't)
    • Join and RSVP through my Meetup website with a click of a few buttons.
    • Use the Paypal buttons on my Calendar of Events to pay for the supplies. If you choose this method, I still appreciate an email to confirm, as I don't usually receive an email from Paypal notifying me that you have paid.
  • Credit cards or electronic payments are the preferred method of payment.  Since I pay for the kits when I place the order, I must have payment by the RSVP date.  If you are paying with a check, your payment MUST be received at least 15 days before the scheduled workshop, otherwise a cash payment must be received by the RSVP date.
  • If you would like to attend, but the RSVP date has passed, there may still be time to order a kit, but there will be a higher shipping charge (usually double), as your order would need to be rushed.
What if purchased supplies, but later can’t attend the workshop?
  • You can pick up your kit from me at a later time.  Pictures of the projects will be posted on my blog and most projects include detailed instructions.
  • Unfortunately, we sometimes use products/tools that do not come with the kit and will either have to be purchased separately or substituted with products you already own (i.e., ink pads, alphabet stamps, etc.)  I cannot “loan” out my supplies.
  • I will occasional offer a crop where you can complete workshop projects that you missed.
How do I join?
Other Questions?
  • If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

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