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Why Become a Chalk Couture Designer? 
I became a designer (a.k.a. independent consultant) in December of 2017, while being an active consultant of 7 years for another home-based business. I honestly joined because 1) the kit was an awesome deal and 2) the quarterly minimums were unheard of (in a good way). I also felt that it would complement what I was already doing. Unfortunately, do to things out of my control, I had to pick between the two. For various reasons, I chose Chalk Couture. There were just so many reasons in favor of that decision and as time as marched on, I know that I made the correct decision for me. 

What were some of those reasons, you might wonder? As I mentioned, the starting cost was low while the value was high. $99 to start and well over $200 in product! The other reason, was the low quarterly minimums...$150. Minimums for most home-based businesses that I've been a part of are usually twice that amount! But there are also other reasons why I became a designer. Maybe some of these appeal to you?
  • 40% discounts on my personal use product
  • 25% - 40% commissions and even up to 60% for higher volume sales.
  • Earn Designer Dollars (free product credit) every month I have $200 or more in personal volume.
  • Earn extra Designer dollars when I met my Designer Debut goals within my first three months.
  • Receive a Club Couture transfer each month...a month before it's available to the general public.
  • An immense amount of training available...I mean seriously...a TON!
  • Create beautiful pieces of art to gift, decorate my home or to resell.
  • Set my own work hours around my family, activities and teaching career.
  • Opportunity to earn incentive trips
  • Have something to call my own
  • Chalk Couture is a GROUND-FLOOR company! There's no better place to start.
  • Products are top-notch quality, and category creating. No one else has it!
  • Joining one of the top teams in the company with some of the most generous and involved leaders anyone could ask for.
In a variety of ways, Chalk Couture can help you meet your own creative, financial or personal goals. We have plenty of tools, resources and support to help you along the way!


Q: How much is the consultant kit?
A: The Consultant Kit...only $99 (plus s/h & tax) with an approximate retail value of over $240.  

Q:  What comes in my consultant kit?
A:  As they say, a picture is worth thousand words...

Items shown represent contents of the 2018 Holiday Suite Consultant Kit ordered between September 2018 and January 2019. Contents are subject to change without notice, and change regularly based on product and collateral availability. Shipping and handling and applicable taxes apply.

Q:  Is there a minimum requirement? (One of the most asked questions.)
A:  There is a very easy minimum: only $150 per quarter! With each calendar quarter, you need to sell $150 in a three month period. Your first quarter is waived though.  For example, if you join in August (July-Sept.= 3rd quarter), you would need to have $150 in sales between October 1st and December 31st. However, if you plan on building a team, you will need $100 per month to receive commissions on your team volume. But it is not necessary to do more than $150 per quarter otherwise.
Q:  Do I get a discount on my own personal purchases? 
A:  But of course! When you order in the back office you will receive a 40% off discount! That is NOT a typo. 40%! Unheard of in this type of industry. You receive that discount when your submit your order. No need to wait for a commission to come. And if 40% isn't generous enough, when you join Chalk Couture, the will send you a 50% off coupon to use on an order in your first 60 days. AND your purchase with the coupon goes towards your personal volume, too! Seriously, so generous!

Q: What is the commission structure as a Chalk Couture Designer?
A: Commissions/Discounts: As mentioned above orders that you place in the back office, you will receive a 40% off discount. If an order is placed on your Chalk Couture website, you'll receive a 25% commission and that is paid the following month on the 15th. 
Designer Dollars: You will earn $20 in Designer Dollars (a.k.a. product credit) for EVERY $200 personal volume that you sell/order in a month. For example, if you sell/order $600 in a month, you'll earn $60 in Designer Dollars which will be available to you at the beginning of the next month. When placing your next order and within 60 days, you will be given an opportunity to use all or just a part of your Designer Dollars. If you have $2000 in sales, you get a Savvy Seller Bonus of 10% cash bonus on top of the Designer Dollars!!! So for example, if you had $3500 in personal volume, you would receive a cash bonus of $350!!! And if that's not all, if you have $4000 in personal volume, the bonus jumps to 20%.  That's a whopping $800 on a $4000 $1600 if making a 40% commission on all $ $400 in Designer Dollars!! Just amazing!!
Career Plan: The compensation plan is just as amazing as what you've read so far and I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like to look it over, just message me. 

Q:  Where kind of training will I receive as a Chalk Couture Independent Designer?
A:  You will receive great training from many areas:
  • From Chalk Couture: you will receive Bonjour email, a newsletter for new consultants for the first 6 weeks. This newsletter has great tips and ideas to help you get started. It gives you step by step instructions/tips and does it in a very organized fashion. Chalk Couture also offers business videos, Chalk Talk & product videos, Chalk University, and a wealth of videos, pdf's and more in the back office.
  • From Me: I am always here to help you and answer your questions. I want you to be a success and can offer you helpful tips and ideas on how to get started and beyond. I have a team page on Facebook, too, that enables you to get help from not only me, but from my entire team.
  • Events: There are events you can attend that will help you in business and creative needs, like our annual Convention and Leadership. 
  • Facebook: I will invite you to my team page, as well as my upline's team pages. I can also help you find multiple Facebook groups where consultants from all over the country are gracious and generous with their help anytime of day or night.
What is Designer Debut? 
A:  It's just another generous program especially for new Designers. It is broken up into three levels. For the first level, you have your sign up month, plus one additional month to reach it. Then the following level will begin after that (technically your 3rd calendar month as a designer), and then the following month would be when you have your level 3 goal.  If you hit all three levels within the required time frame, you'll earn a bonus of $240, giving you a total of $480 Designer Dollars, plus the Designer Dollars that you earn based on your sales that earned you the bonus.  You can still earn the $240 bonus even if you don't hit each phase within the required time frame. Again, just a super generous company in so many ways!

Q: Can I earn extra incentives?
ABSOLUTELY! Of course, the Designer Debut and Designer Dollars are the first ways, but you also have an opportunity to win an incentive trip. Plus, my team leaders and I offer monthly incentives, too.

Q:  Why is there a monthly fee of $19.99 for Chalk Couture Designers? 
A:  With the $19.99 monthly fee, you will receive the Club Couture Chalk Transfer automatically each month (before it is available to order). The B-sized transfer has a value of $14.99. You will also get a Chalk Couture website, where you can accept orders and have people join your team. You will also get a Point of Sale App (due end of November) that can be downloaded in the App Store for both Apple and Android devices.

Q:  Can I join even if I'm not interested in selling?
A: Of course. Heck. It's the reason I joined in the beginning. Chalk Couture loves hobbyists! Get an amazing deal on the kit and an incredibly generous discount on all of your purchases. You do, however, have to meet your quarterly minimum of $150 to stay active and are still required to pay the $19.99 monthly fee. But with the value of the transfer you receive ($14.99), it's like paying $5 for the website and point-of-sale app (trust me, you'll sell eventually, even if it isn't your main goal). 

Q: Am I able to resell items that I make using Chalk Couture products?
A: You sure can. This is exactly how many designers run their business. They purchase their products and then create beautiful, unique and gorgeous pieces of art to sell in shops, Farmer's Markets, Etsy, etc. Just like any angel policy though, it's suggested that you mention that the designs are Chalk Couture designs. 

Do I have to have an inventory?
A:  You are not required to carry an inventory. However, if you plan on doing vendor events, expos, workshops, etc., you would be more profitable to carry an inventory, since you can order in your back office at a 40% discount and sell at retail.

Q:  How do I join?
A. It couldn't be easier. You simply have to go to my website and click on the JOIN tab at the top of the page. The entire process only takes five minutes or less and it walks you through it step-by-step. You'll be in business in no time! When it asks you for your store name, this is the name that will be given to your website. Some designers use a name that brands themselves, some use cute and clever names and some designers use their name. For example, I use my name, so my website is Use whatever you would like, but remember that you want to make it fairly simple for your customers to find you...and it helps if it can fit on a business card, too. ;) If it's not available, you will get a message stating so. Also, when joining, please make sure that "Your Enroller" shows: Tamytha Jenkins

I truly believe that you’ll be amazed at what Chalk Couture has to offer (I know I am.) and I would love to have you on my team! Just call or text me at (321)795-8220 or email me at or private message me via Facebook or we could even Facetime, if you would like.  I look forward to helping you get started! 
~ Tamytha Jenkins
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